Who We Are

Walter Duke
As a former Airline Captain, I am very aware of how essential, appropriate instruction must be. In some airlines today, 95% of the "new crew" training on a 747 or an Airbus, for example, is accomplished using computers. Plus, pilot video training beginning at the student pilot level is extremely successful.

The thought occurred to my wife and me over the vast availability of computer information for "dummies" and "idiots, so why not something for the more scholarly in our land. Thus, the Computers For Seniors And Kids Of All Ages computer training DVDs!

The experience of teaching a number of people to fly was a personal lesson invaluable in assembling this video. Students are students in any endeavor and the importance of patience and the negative consequence of "overloading" cannot be overemphasized.

Our Producer
Modern day computers are a powerful resource for the workplace and the home, yet many people still find them intimidating. This easy to understand video is designed for anyone desiring to learn the basics of operating a computer.

We have kept the "technical terminology" to a minimum with no explanation of the computers' "internal organs." Who needs it? Certainly not a beginner. Only those terms essential to learning the computer are used—and are explained in detail for the utmost interest and assimilation. Apart from using the mouse, much of the video is useful for knowledgeable computer-users, as well. For example, we show step-by-step, how to copy CDs, create shortcuts as well as checking the status of your hard drive.

We wanted to keep the video pace easygoing so that our students could follow along in a relaxed, living-room environment, with the mood of "neighbors in for some computer tutoring." The editing is also low-key, with a minimum of computer graphics.

Our Cast
The photo on the video cover is of my wife and me. She is a former airline flight attendant and is also a pilot. The "students" in the video are my wife, Dolores; Mimi Garrison, my Sister-in-law, and Bob Mays, a long-time pilot friend. It seems the most popular TV commercials have animals in them, thus the Star in the cast is our yellow Lab "Mick"—a real personality. The film clips of Mick are from videos taken in Idaho and British Columbia.

What People Say

"Last year, at age 70, I attended computer classes with my daughter; however most of it was forgotten in a month or so. My family gave me this video for Christmas. Now we are able to refresh our memory at any time, and you know the proverb about "a picture being worth a thousand words." It was a gift that will keep on giving."
Melba, School teacher, ret.

"Unless you are a sophisticated computer veteran, you certainly do not need to know a "motherboard" works or other mystifying mumbo jumbo. This film gets into the "how-to" side of learning the computer in an enjoyable, uncomplicated and de-mystifying manner. Recommend it highly"
Dick, Electronics design engineer

"Finally convince we are missing out on too much, we are going to break down and buy our first computer. After looking at Computers for Seniors we know it will jump-start us into the new age."

"This video is a must for anyone desiring to participate in the many advantages of the personal computer."
Warren, Senior Tax Analyst

"While I have used a computer for years—for just a few tasks—this new video, which was really purchased for my "computer unacquainted" spouse, enlightened me in areas formerly unknown to me."
Peggy, Secretary

"This video is misnamed. It should be "Computers for Anyone," as it is perfect for any beginner. It is straightforward, entertaining and very, very helpful. Our family loves it."
Dion, housewife

"Fantastic Program! The video's really break down the learning process of basic computing. A definite must have for beginners. THANKS!"
Markus, Bartender

"As a mother of two children, ages 9 and 11–home schooling–we are using your DVDs and have learned so much! Thank you!"
Kathy, Palm Beach FL

"We were very skeptical about buying another computer training video as we have tried a number of them, but yours are a welcome suprise and all we need.!"
Emily, retired

"Your DVDs helped launch my children into the computer savvy arena. They are suprisingly through and enjoyable to use."
Ann, San Diego, CA

"My 78 year old mother in a nursing home, had too much time on her hands. We gave her a computer and your begining DVD, she was so excited.! She is now sending messages to her friends and reading the news from her childhood town."
Sue, Canada

"Thank you, I applied for a Government job and your computer training dvds helped me immensley!"
Blake, Dayton, Ohio

"It was imperative I have futher computer knowledge for a higher position in my company.
You made this possible!"
Sara, Detroit, MI

"Applying for a new job I needed computer training. Your Begininng Guide and Email helped me so I am now employed!"
Chris, Wyoming

"The greatest day of my life was when my mother and children were working together on your tutorials."
Betty J, OK

"Your tutorials have been most helpful for my children. They were able to advance very quickly."
Jane, Northridge, CA