Want to Learn About Computers

Whether we like it or not, computers have ingrained themselves into various aspects of everyday life. In this era of wired technology, where everyone is interconnected with just about everything on the Internet, it's difficult to ignore the tremendous impact and role that computers have. Seniors who want to learn about computers always seem to have a daunting task ahead of them, running into what appears to be a bewildering array of computer-related things to remember.

We at computersforseniorsandkidsofallages.com understand the frustration that seniors encounter when they want to learn about computers, and offer alternative ways to make things easier and perhaps even more fun, through our DVD tutorial videos.

You can choose from learning all about computer basics in THE BEGINNING GUIDE FOR SENIORS DISCOVERING THE PERSONAL COMPUTER, where we instruct you in everything vital you need to know in operating a PC. Advanced lessons can be found in INTERMEDIATE COMPUTERS FOR SENIORS, where we teach you how to do word processing, organize file folders, and make back-ups. And those who want to delve into the seemingly overwhelming world of the Internet will find invaluable guides in our E-MAIL & THE INTERNET tutorial, where we teach you how to write and send e-mail, as well as browse websites and find your way across the World Wide Web.

Our tutorials all contain easy-to-follow steps that give you the skills you require and are also simple enough for kids of all ages to enjoy. Best of all, since they're in video format, you can learn at your own pace, and review the topics you want over and over at your convenience. So when you want to learn about computers, choose a method that gives you an advantage with our videos.

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