Understand Computers

By now it's pretty undeniable that computers and technology have ushered in the so-called Information Age that's upon us. But not everyone can use these amazing gadgets right off the bat, with seniors and kids having the most difficulty. But as our name implies, we at ComputersForSeniorsAndKids.com can help seniors and kids understand computers and learn to use them by offering effective methods that work – our series of video tutorials.

These DVD tutorial videos contain vital, comprehensive topics geared to make seniors and kids learn to use and understand computers at their own pace, without the added expense and stress that one usually gets by enrolling in classes and having to keep up with the lessons and other classmates.

We start with computer basics in The Beginning Guide for Seniors and Kids Discovering The Personal Computer, then move on to more advanced lessons like word processing and file organization in Intermediate Computers for Seniors. And since computers connected to the Internet heralded the coming of the Information Age, our E-mail & The Internet tutorial teaches you everything you need to know about e-mailing, browsing the millions of websites on the World Wide Web, and many more.

Perhaps the best thing about these DVD tutorial videos is that the topics you need to know can be viewed over and over in the privacy of your own home, without spending additional money and time by going to classes. So if you want a better and cost-effective way of making seniors and kids learn and understand computers without the problems that come with attending classes, get in touch with us today at Labrador Films.