Teach Yourself to Use a Computer

It's no secret that computers and the Internet have contributed a lot to our so-called Information Age. However, using computers can be a little intimidating especially among not-so-adept users, particularly seniors. If you think that you're missing out on a lot by not being able to use a computer, wonder no more: you can teach yourself to use a computer with our line of tutorial DVDs.

Our products offered here at ComputersForSeniorsAndKids.com are thoroughly easy to follow and understand–we do take our name seriously, and don't call ourselves "Computers for seniors and kids" for nothing. Spare yourself the agony and stress involved with enrolling and attending computer classes, and teach yourself to use a computer in the privacy of your own home with our DVDs.

Start with the basics presented in The Beginning Guide for Seniors and Kids Discovering The Personal Computer, then move on to word processing and other advanced lessons in Intermediate Computers for Seniors. Finally, discover the fascinating world of the Internet in E-mail & The Internet, where you'll learn all about sending e-mail and browsing the thousands of websites found on the World Wide Web.

Unlike attending classes, these DVD tutorial videos can be replayed as many times as you wish, so you learn at your own pace and time and don't have to deal with the pressure of trying to keep up with the lessons. With our DVDs, you can truly teach yourself to use a computer effectively without the additional burden of going to class.

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