Learn to Use Computers

Throughout the years, computers have advanced to the forefront of our everyday lives, whether it's assisting us with mundane tasks or connecting us to numerous people across the globe. However, seniors who have to learn to use computers often find themselves hitting brick walls of sheer frustration as they try to cope with the steps they have to follow in order to properly use them.

We at computersforseniorsandkids.com hope to change all that by offering easier and more effective ways of making how to learn to use computers fun not only for seniors, but for kids of all ages as well. With our various DVD tutorial videos, seniors can learn at their own pace and time, without succumbing to the pressures and stress that one usually gets when attending a live class along with other students present.

Start with computer basics in The Beginning Guide For Seniors Discovering the Personal Computer, then go on to more advanced lessons and concepts in Intermediate Computers for Seniors. For those who want to explore and obtain myriad information from the seemingly limitless websites found on the Internet and dive into the brave new world of e-mail, everything you need to know can be found in our E-Mail & The Internet tutorial.

Our tutorials are easy to follow, whether for seniors or for kids, and the best thing about them is they can be replayed over and over any time, something that can't be done with classes. So when you want the most effective method on learning how to use computers, our video tutorials are what you need. Find out more by contacting us at Labrador Films today.