Learn Computer

In this age where technology serves to make everything easier, computers are at the forefront when it comes to providing information. However, most seniors find them intimidating, to say the least, particularly when they have to learn computer applications, which all too often becomes a frustrating experience.

We at computersforseniorsandkidsofallages.com offer methods for a better understanding of computers that anyone can follow through the use of DVD tutorial videos. While most computer classes provide about the same level of instruction to learn computer basics, a video tutorial lets you learn at your own pace and lets you set your own time, making it a more effective alternative.

Tailored for seniors as well as for kids of all ages, the videos range from THE BEGINNING GUIDE FOR SENIORS DISCOVERING THE PERSONAL COMPUTER, where the most basic computer operation like starting up to shutting down are presented; and INTERMEDIATE COMPUTERS FOR SENIORS, where more advanced lessons like organizing files, word processing, and creating backups are presented. For those who crave more knowledge, we also offer E-MAIL & THE INTERNET, where everything you need to know about writing and sending e-mail and surfing the World Wide Web is featured.

All three of our video tutorials are easy to follow, and since they're on DVDs, they can be reviewed again and again whenever you want, on the topics you need—it doesn't get more convenient to learn computer basics than this. Contact us today at Labrador Films to find out more.