Learn About Computers

If you've long wanted to learn about computers, but have never quite seemed to get the hang of it, don't think that's it because it's impossible for you to learn. The problem most likely lies in the method of instruction – maybe you took a class and now no longer remember your lessons, or maybe you were taught by a family member who has no patience or aptitude for teaching.

Whatever the case may be, don't despair. It's definitely not impossible for you to learn about computers, how to use them and how to make them work for you.

The Best Way to Learn About Computers
Studies have shown that one of the most effective methods of instruction is through the use of video. Unlike a class or an actual tutor, a video can be replayed whenever you've forgotten anything, it can be paused to allow you to digest what you've just learned and, what's more, its patience is limitless. This makes a video one of the best ways to learn about computers.

Here at ComputersForSeniorsAndKidsOfAllAges.com, we offer a selection of tutorial DVDs for beginners and intermediate-level computer users, as well as videos for those who'd like to learn more about how to send e-mail and use the internet. We've gone a step further with our computer DVD video lessons by eliminating all unessential information and not using terms that are too technical. We know that you just want to learn about computers, not about how to build them or how they work inside.

Check out our DVD Video – BEGINNING GUIDE FOR ANYONE DISCOVERING THE PERSONAL COMPUTER, which provides step by step instructions on how to operate a computer, from starting to playing solitaire to shutting down. Those who've already mastered the basics may want to advance further with our THE GUIDE TO E-MAIL & THE INTERNET and the INTERMEDIATE COMPUTERS FOR SENIORS (AND KIDS OF ALL AGES).