Kids Learn Computers

Whether it's doing mundane tasks like calculations or just connecting us to various other people worldwide, computers and technology have made a huge difference in the way we get things done. However, not everyone can properly utilize these amazing machines, and we at help seniors and kids learn computers better by offering effective and easier methods through our series of video tutorials.

These DVD tutorials consist of comprehensive topics geared to make seniors and kids learn computers at their own pace, without getting all stressed out and feeling the pressure one gets when one attends classes where a lot of other people are present.

We start with the basics in THE BEGINNING GUIDE FOR KIDS DISCOVERING THE PERSONAL COMPUTER, then move on to advanced lessons like word processing and file organization in INTERMEDIATE COMPUTERS FOR KIDS. And since this new information age we're all experiencing was made possible by the tremendous growth and use of the Internet, everything you need to know about it – from e-mailing to browsing the millions of websites found on the World Wide Web – is covered in our E-MAIL & THE INTERNET tutorial.

The best thing about these DVD tutorials is that they can be re-playable, with topics that can be viewed over and over in the privacy of your own home, without spending more money and time by going to classes. So if you want better, alternative, and cost-effective ways of making kids learn computers without all the excess baggage that comes with signing up for classes, contact us at Labrador Films today.