Easy Computer Lessons

We currently live in a wired era where technology rules, with gadgets like mobile phones and computers connecting everyone to the Internet and enabling the often unhampered flow of information. For seniors, however, using computers can be a daunting experience, and there's no such thing as easy computer lessons for them.

A common option for most seniors who want to learn how to use computers would be to enroll in classes–but this just creates a whole new set of problems, with the added stress and pressure of having to keep up with the lessons being presented and with the instructor only being able to repeat the lesson for only a few times.

We at ComputersForSeniorsAndKids.com present another option: easy computer lessons in the form of DVDs and downloadable video tutorials. Comprising a wide variety of relevant topics, these tutorials are all easy to follow and understand, and they're specially tailored not just for seniors, but for also kids as well.

Start with the most basic information covered in The Beginning Guide for Seniors and Kids Discovering The Personal Computer, where everything required to operate a PC is explained. More advanced lessons you need to know like word processing, creating back-ups, and organizing files is found in Intermediate Computers for Seniors, while our E-mail & The Internet tutorial contains highly useful guides in sending e-mail, going online, and discovering the many joys and advantages of browsing the many websites found on the World Wide Web.

Our videos are truly easy computer lessons when compared to traditional classes, since you can view the tutorials as many times as you want, and learn at your own pace and time, right in the comfort of your own home. That alone makes it more effective than enrolling in any class. Find out more details and information on our video tutorials by contacting us today at Labrador Films.